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Snipers Skills Question

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Snipers Skills Question

Post  Lord Tajirii on Tue May 26, 2009 4:18 pm

Snipers skill questions for David and Steve or anyone else that can answer. I have become a sniper now and I have 26 skill points to spend and want to make sure I am going to spend them where needed. So thoughts are welcome and my skill planned build is posted below. Please critique.

1: Beast Bane - Is it really needed past level 1 (pre-req for Falconry Mastery)? I am planning a build that would have level 7 but i can use the skill points else where if not needed beyond level 1.

2: Detect - Is level 1 acceptable for leveling/WoE? Or would higher level be needed. I can get more in this if i lessen the Beast Bane.

3: Spring Trap - Is this something that you all find useful? As i am not planning on getting this skill as of current.

4: Wind Walker - Is there really a big difference between level 9 and level 10 other then 30 seconds and 6sp? Also if this being the case, what level would you all say works best for you? I am currently planning 10 but I once again can use skill points elsewhere if not needed.

5: Sandman Trap - I would like to add this one to my traps selection but would need help figuring out where to reallocate points at.

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Re: Snipers Skills Question

Post  Raicha on Wed May 27, 2009 10:37 am

Spring trap i saw Steve use few times in woe to clear the way behind another hunter/sniper (alot more fast then remove traps and of course then eating those one by one) I know that he doesnt have a high lvl or it too.
Sandman is probably the skill that saved my ass the most lol. Exemple : We was mobbing in NL2 few days ago and I kinda over did it allitle (15+ zombies)... I started yelling on vent, Steve went on screen, sleep everything, I moved, reass and rebuffs, stand between him and the mob, he FAS, all die. Without sleep traps we would have need to tele cuz no way i could tank that lol

I dont think u need that high lvl of wind walker.. It's usefull only when no priests around (and peco band is better anyway). So its only for when all a party get recall and no one have agi up and then lvl 1 is enough really.

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