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Post  AG on Fri Sep 11, 2009 8:22 pm

Have you Forgotten

I walked around today and as I was greeted by both people I know and those courteous enough to say hello as I passed I had a single simple reply. hows it going? Whats up? How are you? Good morning, afternoon to each I replied I remember. Every person without fail gave me a look like I was crazy and continued on or asked remember what? It seems we can remember a lot of days and dates, birthdays, anniversaries, first kiss, first date, the day we enlisted into service for the country, the day we completed that enlistment, and many other days of importance often unique to the individual. Why is it then that we forget the events of this day which occurred only a few short years ago. In the weeks following 9-11-01 any street you turned down people were flying there flags with pride and remembrance. People banned together in support of the survivors and our troops. Today the more common phrase is a half hearted, I still support our troops, but not the war. Have your forgotten? You can believe and buy into the views and negativity proliferated by the main stream media but ask someone who lost someone on this day, and who has stood in the sand and sacrificed his blood, and watched his buddies do the same. Talk to someone who has witnessed the atrocities in that part of the world, or raided the very camps and compound where those responsible for 9-11 were trained and indoctrinated, and they will tell you I remember. Ask them what they think about the ongoing conflict and the response would be, I dont give a F*&^ about all the political red tape media spewing bulls@#% we did the right thing we are continuing to do the right thing and my biggest fear is the total lack of public support that may result in these operation being stopped before they are seen through to completion. If I was given the choice I would make the same choices and though the cost is high and the pain still felt as if it were today I would do it all again. Regardless of your personal views of subsequent events of 9-11-01 remember this day. Remember the innocent lives lost when 2 commercial airliners were hijacked and crashed into the twin towers. Remember the third plan that was crashed into the Pentagon. Remember the fourth plane full of everyday ordinary heroes who gave there own lives to bring that plane down in a field and never allowed it to reach its target. Take a minuet, take 11 minuets out of your busy schedule today and use them in contemplation and remembrance and Honor all of the casualties from this day and the days that followed. Look yourself in the mirror and say I remember

God Bless America

God Bless You


SSG Clowers B Company, 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment

Rangers Lead the Way


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Re: 9-11

Post  Automatic on Fri Sep 11, 2009 11:43 pm

Some guy on FB posted "Travesties occurred on this day..." and I so I went to BBC to see what had happened.

I thought he was talking about this, or this, or this. Then I realized! It was this!

I wish I would have invested a bit of money into those companies that produced flags and those neat yellow ribbons!

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