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Lvling With A Priest

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Lvling With A Priest

Post  Suki on Sat Dec 22, 2007 7:34 am

My TT lvling partner found this on IRO forums and I thought it was HILARIOUS :]
My TT partners found this on the ro forums and I thought it was HILARIOUS! I laughed my ass off :]~

Enjoy >;]

Lvling with a Priest:
Finding a Priest

When you are forming a party and you decide that you want a priest,
remember that most priests are desperate to find a party since their
low (if any) damage does not endear them to partymates. Consequently,
you do not need to be polite or even say anything, like you do when
you're trying to get a wizard or a hunter to join your party. The
preferred method for recruiting priests is to travel to a crowded area,
target a priest, then run all the way to the other end of the crowd and
click on "invite." Make sure the priest can't see you when he looks
around and make sure to either ignore or at least delay any responses
to pm's or any questions from him. If he doesn't join your party right
away or declines your invite, run back up to him and click on "invite"
19 more times. Advanced players can even attempt to convince priests
that are out of share range to party.

Buffing with a Priest

Now that your party is formed, the first order of business is to
buff up. Make sure you do not give party members any of your often
sought-after buffs unless they ask for them, since they probably find
that the many icons on their screen can distract them from playing.
Also be sure to demand more buffs from the priest the second the buff
drops, because the priest has clearly forgotten about you. Running off
screen while spamming the request expedites the process even more.

Leveling/MVPing with a Priest

Partying is just like soloing, only there are several of you, so
you can go several times as fast. Make sure to split up (if you are in
a place such as Castle 2, be sure to be in different rooms) and kill as
fast as you can so that you don't waste any of the priest's time. Also,
remember that having a priest in the party means that you will always
be healed, so there is no need to stop between fights to regen. Most
good priests have unlimited SP so they will always be ready with the
heals, making combat a cinch. Run into the mobbiest room you can find
and attack the biggest mob. Make sure to stay in the mobby room as
fighting in the lower-spawning rooms will likely cause fewer monsters
to attack your party, which slows down the amount of experience you get
and pisses off the priest. To further save time, make sure to loot all
drops right after a monster dies- the priest's frantic heal spamming
because of the mob you brought will cover any incidental damage from
any additional monster attacks during that time. If the priest aggros a
few nasty monsters, let him keep them. He is the healer and it's easier
for him to heal himself than to heal anyone else.

If your party is busy rebuffing or someone is away from the
computer, run until you are well out of range and start attacking
monsters on your own. Hold your ground and shout for heals as needed.
Also note that priests like to see you split off from the party as it
works its way through the map and for you to start fighting a mob on
your own, because it tells them that you are taking initiative and they
will get more exp sooner. If you get into trouble, the priest will
leave the rest of the party and come running to your aid, or (and this
is rare), he won't and you will have to train your mob on the rest of
the party, who will be happy to help you kill them.

When fighting a big mob or an MVP, avoid using your own potions,
especially if you are the only person injured and the priest has some
SP. Priests enjoy helping everyone else out and we know how expensive
your pots are so we would much rather chug blues to save you the
hassle. Remember, because most priests don't use weapons, they are made
of money.


Many priests foolishly believe that, just because they are your
heal monkey, that this gives them some right to make tactical decisions
like saying what mobs are too hard or by telling everyone to teleport
away. A priest who tells his party to tele only does so because he is a
coward, blinded from the battle by staring at everyone's HP. He doesn't
have the vast tactical training and combat experience you have that
comes from your countless hours of pressing ctrl then click while
watching reruns of Gilligan's Island on TV or alt-tabbing to,
so it's usually best to either ignore him or do the opposite of what he
says. But remember, if you get into trouble, run into another room and
spam "HJEEL" until the priest gets mobbed and nearly dies from chasing
after you, then when you get healed back to half life, start looting


Priests have no claim on any items. If they ask for anything, they
are being greedy as they clearly have no use for weapons, armor, and
any other uber gear. Also, if your party's priest loots something,
always ask for it back, especially anything of value. For example, if
you are the killer, you are more than welcome to every elu that drops,
since we know that you need the upgraded armor more than the priest.
Since you do an awesome job tanking, they have no use for the DEF.


Let's face it, most priests are far less uber than you and thus
their healing skills will, on occasion, fail to keep you alive. If you
do die, it was because of a mistake the priest made and has nothing to
do with you going into another part of the map by yourself while the
rest of your party is outside the portal buffing. It probably has
something to do with the priest being "gay" or "a homo" (or both), so
you should do your best to warn the rest of your party or guild that
the priest is "a gay homo" so they know to be careful. But, because
some people may not necessarily believe you, you must first prove your
uberness by describing how long you have been playing for and then call
the priest a n00b. It helps if you swear, use ALL CAPS, and misspell
everything. Not only will this encourage the priest to try harder next
time, but it will actually increase your chance that he'll want to
party with you again. Note that if the priest dies instead of you, he
always appreciates messages that say "heal!!!" as he's warping back
from his save point after you refused to use a ygg on him. It shows
that you care, that you are paying attention, and that his heals are

Thanking a Priest

If a priest saves your ass after you aggro three times as many
monsters as there are people in your party, the best way to thank him
for keeping everyone alive is to repeat whatever actions you took that
caused the dangerous battle. This compliments the priest by saying 'you
are so good I feel free to be totally reckless' and it makes them feel
good too. Also, the best way to thank a priest is to share with him
your many pearls of priest wisdom you have picked up playing knights,
crusaders, hunters, and wizards. Tell them things like "+2 INT is far
more important than +10 DEF, since I will keep that MVP and his mob off
your gimp ass" or "buffing me first is smarter, that way my buffs run
out first and I can tell you it's time to buff again."

Priest's Dictionary

When you party with priests, you might hear them use some strange
terms (such as WTF!?!) and this Priest Dictionary will help you
translate them.

afk: This common term stands for "Attack, Fight, Kill" and is the priest's way of telling you to go aggro big mobs.

brb: An acronym, this is short for "Boss Room Battle," and is a
priest's way of telling the team it's time to fight the nearest MVP.
Note that you will also sometimes see "afk brb," meaning the same

out of SP (or just "SP"): If your priest says this after a big
battle, make sure to count to 3-Mississippi before you run halfway
across the map and find another huge mob. This will allow the priest
more than enough time to recover his SP.

sick of losing exp: When a priest says this, it means they want to
go straight to the part of the map that killed them the first couple
times and earn that exp back.

tank: This is the person whose job it is to train monsters on to the priest.

wait: "Wait" is a bit tricky. While it sounds like the word "wait,"
as in "stop," what the priest is really saying is a shortened version
of "WAste IT all," meaning destroy everything in the area. Priests will
use this if they want you to start charging the mobbiest part of the

wing: This is a confusing but common priest way to describe how
well things are going- exp is really flying, like a bird on a wing.
Keep fighting that big mob to keep the exp rolling.

WTF!?!: This means "Way To Fight" and is used to compliment you on your brilliant tactical choices.

Note to Priests

As a priest, it is your job to keep everyone alive no matter what
they do or how bad their equips are. Some priests claim it is only
their job to assist the party with heals and buffs and that it's
ultimately up to each player to be responsible for himself, but that
simply isn't true. A good priest will be able to keep anyone alive
regardless of what happens, and over 95% of all party deaths are due to
a failure on the priest's part. I'm sorry to let our secret out, but
yes, we are miracle workers. I haven't ever lost a party member and if
you try hard too, you will also keep everyone alive.


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Re: Lvling With A Priest

Post  Malicious Icarus on Sat Dec 22, 2007 8:30 pm

sadly (and yet more funny for me) is some people didn't see it as sarcasm
Malicious Icarus

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Re: Lvling With A Priest

Post  Vladamyer on Sat Dec 22, 2007 10:45 pm

That was pure comedy:lol!:

can't wait to try out those tips with Kenjin:bounce:

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Re: Lvling With A Priest

Post  Suki on Sun Dec 23, 2007 10:13 pm

haha xD
some people do take it seriously. I laughed so hard when they did.


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Re: Lvling With A Priest

Post  helbert on Tue Dec 25, 2007 1:48 pm

I cant stop laughing; Very very good xD

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Re: Lvling With A Priest

Post  Teleru* on Tue Jan 01, 2008 3:13 am

Omg that was too funny. XD Can't stop laughing now! LOL

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Re: Lvling With A Priest

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