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Happy New Years, guys~!

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Happy New Years, guys~!

Post  Teleru* on Tue Jan 01, 2008 7:33 am

Woot! It's going to be 2008! Hope everyone enjoyed their New Years. My family doesn't do much during New Years. We just spread quarters around our house. And I got really bored. lol And drew a little something of what I did when spreading quarters around. [I are incredible bored!] My family likes to spread quarters around so that for the new year we get more money or something like that. I'm not sure if anyone else does it, but my family does. lol & please excuse my ugly handwriting. It's hard to write on the computer. lol

My mom handed me the piggy bank she has. She keeps all her quarters all in this little piggy bank. And believe me, it's incredible HEAVY. And the only way to get the quarters out is from the small opening on the underside of it. XD It's really hard to get the quarters out. >__>

Omg, when I was spreading quarters around. They kept falling on my toes. My toes were sore after I was done. XD And it's hard to hold that piggy bank up. I thought my arms were going to die! Those little gray dots are suppose to be quarters. XD

When I was spreading the coins around my sister made this comment while I was walking around. XD I laughed so hard when she said that. lol Though. She was suppose to be helping me spread them around. She was too busy making some coffee for our mom. T_T Did I mention that all my sisters have brown hair and my mom? Cause they do and me and my dad have our natural dark brownish-black hair. Except he shaves his head bald. lol Sorry just random. XD

Here's a picture of what our hallway looks like!

My dad complained that I didn't put enough quarters. x__x It's going to be a pain to pick all this up later. XD The coins always stick to my feet whenever I walk around~ It's funny when we have guests over when our house is like this. They always go, "Oooh coins!" XD

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Re: Happy New Years, guys~!

Post  Automatic on Tue Jan 01, 2008 9:20 am

hah! Damn that's pretty rad.

I played Cranium all night with my girlfriends family, it was strangely fun.

I was planning on going downtown and getting smashed though, but I guess I'm kinda whipped D:

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